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Finding inspiration in everything

Above: The original photo I captured on a walk in Howth.

Above: The finished watercolour painting.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week. I have been very busy this week with drawings and paintings that all form part of my latest collection 'Uirbeach Rhythms'. I thought I would just pop in and answer a big question which I have probably been asked the most as an artist. A good friend asked me this question again this week. And that is "where do you find your inspiration?"

To answer this question, my surroundings and experiences inspire me. And I always try and capture these unique and significant moments in some way. I take photos on my phone of EVERYTHING. In fact my phone has had a meltdown on numerous occasions as there just never seems to be enough memory space for all the photos that I take on it. Literally no matter where I go or what I am doing, I am always taking photos of my surroundings. Whether I am just sitting on the balcony at home, out for a walk around the neighborhood, going to the shops, on a bus or train ride home (not so much recently due to Covid), or out on adventures with friends, I am always taking photos of anything and everything. Things with interesting textures and colours. Shadow and light falling on various settings and objects in beautiful and interesting ways. These are the things that catch my attention and make me quickly haul out my phone and try capture that moment. Even if I draw or paint something from real life, I still take a photo of the original place or setting.