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The Visual Sound Series: Part 3

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well and having a great weekend. I have been looking forward to sharing this third part of the Visual Sound Series with you all. Here it is! Brad and I did this session about a week ago and had so much fun as always with the process.

In this specific session I used watercolours on pre-wet paper and Brad played the Tung Drum. This specific Tung Drum that he played was actually handcrafted in Ireland. How amazing!

The highly resonant quality of the Tung Drum along with the quick bouncing of the rubber beaters on the notes, reminds me very much of images of rain and dripping water. I think the use of watercolours as a medium of choice, was a good idea because of this. The opaque and transparent quality of the watercolours compliments the more gentle sound of the Tung drum. What do you think?

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